Amazed at Atlanta!

I’ve just returned from the very friendly city of Atlanta attending the NECC 2007 Conference for my self-funded PD adventure. Air Canada was great as usual and the accommodations were not exactly posh, but it was the experience that was FABULOUS!

The highlights of the conference were:

I couldn’t believe it when I bumped into a friend of a friend here in Guelph, Maria Knee, from NH. Maria and a friend Tracy back home have been skyping with their kindergarten classes and I have been assisting this effort a wee bit by trying to get a webcam for Tracy’s class. We couldn’t believe our luck at running into each other at Resnick’s session! Birds of a Feather flock together! That’s Maria and I checking our Microworlds Jr at the LCSI booth.

Another highlight was the amazing Fondue dinner at Dante’s Down the Hatch in Buckhead. I’m not at liberty to add many details here since it is classified information, but suffice it to say that I DID, boldly and unashamedly, get a taste of that chocolate fondue (thanks to some primary teachers from Altlanta) and it would be definitely worth another trip to Atlanta. Dante is the charming guy in the middle in between the two intellectual types who remain unidentified.