The Tree of Knowledge Creation

It was very cool to do some creating with a graphic image for our partner project in CTL1799 this week. I think it turned out very well! This is a scanned image of a free hand drawing which was then coloured and text was added. I think this would be great to use with kids who could also scan in original art and add text to demonstrate their learning.

I had a chance to play around with some great software from Tech4Learning that I received at the premiere event of The Constructivist Consortium down in Atlanta this past June. This was done using Pixie, one of their drawing tools. There are a few others that I need to explore.

Sadly, it’s rare that I have the time to re-visit some of the great resources that I gather in my teacher travels, certainly not because of ill-intentions, but mostly because I somehow don’t make the time. We’ve been discussing Holistic approaches in class and the challenge of balancing time to explore with just getting everything done! It speaks to the value of having an exploration day, like the one Gary Stager organized for us at the Constructivist Consortium day…we need it as much as the kids do!


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