Group Project

This was a challenging project for our group, but in the end I think we’ve created an excellent product about the importance of Community and Collaboration. We created a website called Professional Learning Community: Teacher to Teacher Dialogue

and we feature 4 connections: Learning (PLCs), Writing, Social Networks and Bookclubs. It was a great experience to work with this really dedicated group of five who were very concerned with both academics and aesthetics and were very respectful of the busy schedule and strict timeline that needed to be followed. We had excellent trust and openness that allowed for flexibility and creativity, and by choosing parts of the task to focus upon, we were really committed and engaged in our learning.

I learned a ton about Net Generation Learners, something that will be useful next year when I’m talking to teachers about advantages of integrating technology use into their programs. If you are interested in hearing about these learners check out this podcast from Net Day and Educause.
My course is moving along at a frantic pace, probably because it is a 6-week course with many of the assignments requiring partner or group work online. I’m finding it hard to have the time to journal here, and have begun drafting my reflection paper. I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to journal online for the purpose of writing a reflective paper…there are some things that are just best recorded in a private space, although really….who reads your blog anyway?


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