Mentoring and Freewebs….some thoughts

Well, it’s been interesting to be a mentor during my CTL1799 course, although I’m not sure that being known for technology aptitude is helping me ‘break out of my box’ and explore other areas of holistic approaches. Instead of exploring the art, music or spiritual sites provided by my instructor and countless classmates, I find myself doing what I’m already quite addicted to doing…searching the web and learning how to debug little (oh sure…they never are!) problems.

I’ve finally decided NOT to go with Freewebs as a web tool, although it’s really easy to use and there are a lot of very cool add-ons. The issue that has finally made me decide to use iWeb are the browser issues. Tonight I went back to one of my pages on the site to copy a link, only to find that all of my quotation marks are now question marks. Arggghhh! This is not okay! I can’t believe how long this decision has been in coming…but iWeb it will be. I also maybe consider purchasing RapidWeaver that integrates with iWeb if I need more flexibility.


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