Web Designer-ish

If you’ve ever tried to create something artistic, you’ve got to read Peter Reynolds’ books called “Ish” and “The Dot”. The Dot is a great story about a young child who does not want to create art at school. A very astute teacher begins with the child, appreciating every attempt, until the child ultimately finds her way and then shares her new confidence in her abilities with another child.

The other story, Ish, is a wonderful tale about taking the risk to try something creatively new. We don’t need to be perfect at our attempts we just need to endeavor to be ‘ish!

As I’m now deep into the process of webdesign, working at the edge of my zpd, I realize that like the little child in Peter’s book, I just need to be webdesigner-ish and give it a try! I’m up to my eyeballs in nav bars and content and headers and footers… vertical vs horizontal…what size to make the graphics…do I shadow the text…
learning how to drag boxes into footers and prevent images from snapping together…good grief it’s huge!

I’ve turned to where I most often go to find experts these days…the web…and successfully found a couple of blogs that have helped me along my way. 11Mystic Media,
Rowan Cottage, and Vaarkgirl.

I like being immersed in what I propose for students…working to construct knowledge with the help of experts, using whatever resources you might have at hand…a bricolage approach.

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