Ever Considered an ECOO Presentation?

The E-Call for proposals has been out for a while for the 2010 Educational Computing Organization’s 31st Conference: Inspire, Connect, Learn and I’ve been doing some tapping on shoulders lately…in fact, if I haven’t gotten around to YOU yet…consider yourself tapped upon!

These days I’m feeling very fortunate to have such a rich and varied PLN, especially for the past year during which time I’ve been more involved in Twitter than ever before.  Having had the chance to experience Educon for the first time and take part in the Critical Thinking Consortium‘s workshops sponsored by OTF, I’m realizing that there are so many educators doing great things in classrooms and in communities of practice both on and offline around the province.  One of the best things about being part of the ECOO Conference Committee is trying to see the big picture and play a part in selecting the kinds of presenters and events that might appeal to teachers just like ourselves.

We don’t have to look very far.  Sure, we need to bring in a couple of big names (hang on…we’ll be announcing them soon).   They offer a new perspective, inspiring all of us who are committed to the benefits of technology in our own learning and teaching practice (and especially for our students), but we need to also provide sessions for the smaller breakout rooms.  These sessions do something just as important and perhaps even more lasting.  They connect our conference delegates in a more informal way to new ideas, new approaches, and sometimes just to discussions about some of the celebrations and challenges of technology enhanced teaching that is embedded in classroom practice.

After realizing that the most interesting educators I know are right here under my nose, the next thing that I’ve come to realize is that teachers often don’t feel that what they are doing is worthy of sharing.  How wrong they are!  We want to have a focus on classroom practice that can be transformed by, among other things, technology.  We want to celebrate and share the kinds of things teachers are experimenting with and reflecting upon as we continue this journey towards better learning environments for our students, be they virtual or bricks and mortar!

So please, I urge you to consider sharing your insights about learning with technology at ECOO 2010 and submit a proposal.   Not only is it a great way to inspire, connect and learn with other Ontario educators interested in technology use, but we’ll thank you with a free registration for the day and a wonderful lunch!