‘Thinking About Thinking’ with Bitstrips

A teacher in one of our schools, Carrie Nethery, is teaching Grade 8 and has always been interested in promoting metacognitive thinking in her students.   After learning about Bitstrips for Schools, she’s been exploring having students create comics that describe their awareness of some of some of the processes they use.

In her first attempt she asked students to create a comic strip to show the process they use when they study for a test.  Not how they are SUPPOSED to study, but how they actually DO study.

Check out their comics! What a great place to start a discussion in class as students submit these pieces.  Incidentally, in order to remove last names I’ve used Pixie 2 another great OSAPAC software from Tech4Learning which allows easy editing of digital images.  Click on the images to get a better look at the comics below.

I really like Bitstripsforschools, not only for the great tool that it provides to teachers and students, but because for many teachers it’s their first foray into a Social Network.  Teachers set up a classroom and as students post their work they can comment on the work of others (great for modeling descriptive feedback) or reflect on their own, all with a level of control that helps teachers get familiar with this kind of learning online.  Most teachers are overwhelmed by how many students will work ‘after hours’ on evenings and weekends in this kind of learning space.  Best of all, it’s just plain fun to think and create this way!