Connected Coaching – Week 1

Many educators in Ontario have had the wonderful opportunity for professional learning with Sheryl Nussbaum- Beach and Will Richardson in their PLP Network and I’m fortunate to be helping as a connected coach in one of their projects with Australian teachers.

With the help of Lani Ritter-Hall and Dean Shareski,  the connected coaching team is going deeper with coaching and I’m also exploring my interest in building effective networked learning communities, both on and off-line. We are reading about Instructional Coaching, Evocative Coaching, Cognitive Coaching and Appreciative Inquiry to develop a coaching lens that fits with the PLP Project.

This week I’m wondering how asking good questions might help teachers shift their thinking to a strengths-based approach that involves personal learning, passion-based pursuits and growth.   In doing that, I’ve been thinking about being more intentional about the kind of language I use and thoughtful about the kinds of questions that coaches might be asking.

I’ll be adding/revising this list during the project:

  • tell me more about….
  • do you have anything more to ask?
  • why do you think that?
  • what is the worst that might happen?
  • what makes you think that?
  • what are the possibilities?
  • if everything was working perfectly in your classroom, what might that look like?
  • I hear you saying….
  • can you remember a time when something worked really well?
  • can you tell us about someone you look up to for their…..

It’s definitely a work in progress, but that’s what makes the learning so darn fun! 🙂