Talk – Are You Making the Most of an Innate Process?

Today I had the pleasure of attending a second session of professional learning that we call Literacy Hubs at Upper Grand DSB.  These sessions are focused around topics that arise from the feedback that our Curriculum Department has received from schools about new learning that they’d like to have.

For part of the day teachers brought student work to share and after collaboratively deconstructing these tasks in small groups we co-constructed some characteristics of rich tasks to guide our practice toward a deeper understanding of rich and relevant tasks.

Our next block of the day was reserved for a discussion about Accountable Talk and it’s importance in learning for people of all ages.  This incredible video was shared, demonstrating a conversation between a pair of twins who are, at such a young age, learning so much about language and communication.  I’ve always been so awed by the ability of our very youngest learners to have accomplished the task of learning to talk in such a natural way before they come to school.   If you have 2:08  to watch this video,  I’m sure that it will stay with you for some time – it’s priceless!