Creativity Project Gets Rolling!

Courtesy of Sarah Ross on Flickr

As we are about to really settle down to plan our PLPConnectU PBL Unit about Creativity, I’d have to say our group has already done some big thinking about Creativity!  Both PBL and Creativity are pretty huge topics so I’ve been wondering about what we’ll do next.  I’m wondering if other people in the group are having some of the same thoughts and questions that I have!  Mel has created this great space for us to blog about our thoughts and ideas and has organized an online meeting for us this week.  It will be exciting to get started as we have a group of passionate educators in our group.  Tonight, I’m thinking:

  • What will our driving question be?
  • How will we select curriculum objectives from a wide range of grade levels and subject areas?
  • If we are to begin with an end in mind, as recommended, what might that be? How can we honor the ideas and questions of the students while doing that? What will students do to share their learning?

I enjoyed watching this Prezi that @scmorgan found and posted on ConnectU about one teacher’s experience with using PBL with her students who were studying space.

Some takeaways that I had while I watched were:

  • Rigor is about the pursuit of inquiry, which results from hands-on learning and having to show what you know.
  • PBL is a set of learning experiences and tasks that guide students in inquiry, answering a central question, solving a problem, or meeting a challenge.
  • The teacher did a great job of having collaboration skills woven into the project – this was so evident in the way students talked to each other

The assessment techniques were almost all familiar to me: rubrics, reflection journal, problem-solving guide, reflection essay, peer and self-assessments, small and large group discussions.  I wasn’t sure about what the problem-solving guide might have been and would have probably added checklists and anecdotal records to that list.

It was helpful to see the variety of driving questions that students might come up with.  For example:
* abstract – When is war justified?
* concrete – is our water safe to drink?
* problem-solving – how can we improve traffic flow around our school?
* design challenge – how can we design a community theatre that meets the size limits and seats the most people

I can’t wait to hear what our group comes up with! 🙂