ISTE Learning 2011

I admire those folks who attend a conference and seem to get their reflections posted quickly and efficiently.  Seems I take a little longer, and by now you’ve heard all about the exciting events like the flash mob, (I just love teachers!)

the Karaoke night, the International Reception or the Canadian gathering hosted by MindShare Learning.  All of those things make the networking at ISTE spectacular and the learning exceptional.

I think I’ll focus on one session that was really impactful for my work of the upcoming school year and a topic that was just perfect for me right now…a bit of ‘just in time’ learning – gotta love it!

On the recommendation of @peterskillen (the guy seems to know EVERYONE!) my first session was about TPACK presented by Judith Harris from William and Mary University.  This was perfect timing for me, as we’ve been having some deep discussions in the PLPConnectU Community about the role of TPACK in teacher education.   I’ve read quite a bit about the framework itself, and felt the need for some more practical information about how to operationalize the concept with the teachers with whom I work, and with my new students in my AQ course this fall.

Judith gave us some great takeaways at her wiki that I intend to explore for the new school year, and the one that resonated the most with me was the idea that considering activity types can be helpful as teachers understand how to operationalize TPACK in reference to their classroom practice.

If you are exploring TPACK as you learn to integrate technology, pedagogy and content, you’ll want to check out the Activity Types Wiki and ETPD

Another great resource is the PLPNetwork’s TPACK Fridays with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach!