Join Ontario’s Powerful Learning Practice

Upper Grand DSB is excited to be hosting Ontario’s 2011 – 2012 work with Powerful Learning Practice.  We have room for some more teams of educators who are interested in inquiring into their practice as they shift to becoming connected educators and we’d love you to join us!

I’ve been involved this year as a connected coach with PLP and I’ve seen how this approach to teacher learning is transforming teacher practice!  Led by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson, educators from K-12 and beyond spend a year working f2f and within a virtual community to look deeply into teacher practice.  Contact me if you’d like more information, or join in one of the live information webinars and bring your questions to Sheryl and Will!

We’ll begin in October 2011 and finish up with a celebration of our work in May 2012.  Hope to see you!

Click twice to enlarge the flyer for better viewing or download a pdf version:  powerful-learning-practice


  1. Do you think UGDSB would be interested in putting a team together? I know we only usually push PD to teachers who aren’t interested, this could be a novel, new approach!

    Peel did teacher-directed PD ending in their learning fair (zero admin influence, they trusted us to lead our own PD), I really miss that. If UG spent some $ on teachers who want to spend time on their practice instead of trying to blanket the ones that don’t, there might be a much better chance of grass roots growth of ideas (it’d be cheaper too).

    I’d love to see a cross curricular, prime-ele-int-senior teacher team doing this, then spread it afterwards. We’re very in-our-own-schools (and departments) in UG.


    • Hi Tim,
      One of the reasons I love this Professional Learning program is that not only does it build capacity and connect people together, it allows for a lot of choice and teacher direction – I’m with you! I know how much more impactful that is on my own practice.

      I’ve mentioned it to Rob Rosie, who I know is interested in just what you mention, cross-division, cross-curriculum teams of teachers. I wonder if you might follow up with an email about what you think about it as a secondary teacher? That might help!

      It would be wonderful to have another team from UGDSB.



  2. We touched on it briefly at dinner, but I’d really like to talk to you about how a “rogue” teacher can join!


  3. Hi Kat,
    A rogue teacher can definitely join — the teacher will be matched up to join another team, or perhaps there might even be a team of people from individual locations. You can read more about individuals joining here:
    You’ll also see the letter of intent there…that’s all that’s needed to indicate that you might be interested – it’s not a contract or anything, just a way to reserve a spot.
    If you have any questions…let me know!



  4. I’ll try to get a team together from our board, lord knows we need it! If not, I’ll also be a rogue teacher. I need to craft a really convincing email to my super, curriculum principal, and principal.


  5. Lyanne,
    I wonder if you want to submit a request to be considered if there is a team from the North? Is there someone you might be able to ask at your board in case it’s possible to fund a team?



  6. I would love to be part of a UGDSB (or surrounding area) PLP team. I would be happy to join or form a team. I am currently out of the country, but will be back mid-August for chatting about this.


  7. Erin,
    We definitely welcome post-secondary groups into the PLP
    Ontario cohort!
    In fact, there is someone else from Fleming College that is going to present the idea to staff when they return from holiday and is thinking that it will fit with their professional learning initiatives as well. Would you like some more information? Or would some of your colleagues like to join Will and Sheryl in a live webinar? They regularly give more information to individuals and groups and are the best ones to answer any of your questions.
    Let me know what you might need….


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