Fotobabble Fun!

It’s hard to build community in an online network.  When people gather from around the world to share, collaborate and co-create, there needs to be an element of fun, trust and getting to know one another.   In our Canada & New England PLP Network, we’ve been spending the first little while having conversations around our beliefs and experiences in education, but also doing some fun stuff!

I’m excited about this new tool I’ve learned about called Fotobabble.  We are playing a little game where folks choose something that is a passion – something that others might not know about them.   They upload a picture and then create three clues about that passion, hobby or interest.   We embed these in a discussion and have a go at guessing!  It’s good fun and really easy to do!

We’ll try it tonight in my AQ Course IICTI – Part 1 because I think this has good potential as a tool in the classroom.  Many of the teachers in the class are looking for ways to provide alternate ways for students to demonstrate their thinking.   Imagine quickly snapping a picture of art, a science experiment, or a math solution, and then having students create a fotobabble!

Check it out below…and then perhaps share an idea with us…how could you use this in your classroom?

What is your passion?