QR Code Adventures

I always find it exciting when I come across someone who is willing to take a chance and try something new they don’t know much about.  Jen Apgar (@jenapgar) and I did some working together last      year when her class was getting ready for Digifest 2011.  We got chatting about some new things we were hearing about – and QR codes kind of came up.

Did we know much about them?  Nope.
Did we know much about how they worked? Nope.
Did we have some ideas about how we might use them with kids? Yep.

After a bit of chatting we decided that since we were both the kind of teachers who liked to struggle and learn along with the kids we’d jump in with both feet on a project for this year.

And so began the diigo-ing of links and resources, collecting what we could find, photographing QR codes wherever we could find them,  and reading up on what my network was sharing on twitter and on blogs.   I began to collect the resources here on Tech2Learn if you’d like to check it out.

Jen teaches a congregated gifted class of Grade 4’s who recently made a transition to a new school.   New students transition into this program every year, and this involves a school visit and info day during their Grade 3 year.  Jen’s class this year has decided to make some documentaries about what it was like to transition to the gifted program and to a new school and then to lead the visiting students through a QR scavenger hunt in May.

The kids are asking this question, “What will kids who are coming in new to the program, want to know?  How can we get them excited about coming to their new school?”

They’ll be learning lots about documentary film making and the art of creating media to convey a message to a particular audience.  Then they’ll plan a scavenger hunt about the most important elements of school life.  Lots of critical thinking in decision-making about what stays in and what gets cut out.  Lots of teamwork in pre-production planning, production and post-production.   Lots of hard work planning clues and uploading clips, audio, images to the web to be linked as QR codes.  Lastly, they’ll create the QR codes and post them around the school.   They’ll test it out and get things ready for the younger students.   A complex project for an authentic audience!

I can’t wait…this is going to be fun!

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