Lose it App

Like lots of folks the new year brings renewed determination to shed the extra pounds that I’ve been carrying around, and get back in shape once and for all!  In the past I’ve used an App called Lose it that helps you track what you’re eating and add your fitness as well.  It keeps track of your daily calories in a few different ways and it’s the easiest one I’ve found in terms of the huge database for varieties of foods and exercises.

Well, I’ve opened the app after some time now  and set a new goal (this time I will get there! – Oh no…did I just say that publicly??) and there’s a great new feature.  If I can’t find a food in the list (which may happen more frequently in Canada) I can just use my smart phone to scan the bar code on the box from my cupboard and it adds the nutrients and calories count from that food in an instant! I did this for cereal this morning and it works like a charm!

Wish me luck – maybe the app will be the help I need!  😉




  1. I’m glad you made a post about this app. Just yesterday, I was looking for an app for on the iphone. I’ve checked it out and started using it. Thanks and all the best – you don’t need luck — you can do it!!


  2. I tried the app targetWeight…I dialled in my starting weight and target weight..along with a date to complete my goal..and it graphed my progress..it was helpful as a visual carrot..to eat more carrots


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