Student Voice and Student Agency

I’m always looking for project topics that I can bring into schools that I work with in my role as a technology coach.  I recently came across this little project in Larry Ferlazzo’s blog that, while simple, has deeper elements that I love: student voice, inclusive schools, working from student strength and passion, as well as the added bonus of using technology to enrich the message.

The idea originates from author Daniel Pink and his book Drive where he suggests that students are motivated by a sense of purpose and want to contribute to bigger issues, and that connections within the community can help students understand their value, further motivating a learning stance and the idea of taking purposeful action to make the world a better place.

Here is a description of Dan Pink describing the idea:

Here is a video that outlines the “One Sentence Project” which could be used with students:

Here is an example of how one teacher used this in the classroom:

How could you see using this project in your context?  With students? With teachers/school leaders?

What other ideas do you have that focus on student voice and student passion?   I’d be very grateful for some examples and ideas from our community here that could push my thinking about this.