Thinking Routines – Definitely great for remote learning!

During the teaching of the AQ Course – Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction, I often introduce students to the work of Ron Ritchhart and Project Zero from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. I’ve written more comprehensively about collaboration with colleagues that started my learning, the book Making Thinking Visible and an especially powerful prompt that I’ve had success with called I Used to Think…Now I Think…

After spending considerable time experimenting with the thinking routines that translate best into online environments my favourites seem to involve questions for reflection and journaling and are as powerful for us as adult learners as they are for students–for example:

  • What Makes You Say That?
  • I Used to Think…Now I Think…
  • See, Think, Wonder
  • Chalk Talk
  • Headlines

I was SO delighted today, to see Ron Ritchhart’s post on exactly this topic as well as his mention of new book that is a follow-up to Making Thinking Visible and is on pre-order at the moment – hope that comes to Canada soon as it would make a perfect book study for us!

Using Thinking Routines with Distance Learning

Check out Ron’s post for some thoughts on Thinking Routines that translate well to online spaces, and stay tuned for expansion of CodeToLearn@home to include PL Sessions for teachers that focus on designing effective learning experiences for online spaces. We are so excited to begin hosting those, and hope you will join in!

I’d love some feedback too…would a PL session like this be of value to you? What are your needs around PL for designing rich tasks for remote learning? How can I help?