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Copyright Matters – 4th Edition for 2016

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What is copyright and why do students/teachers need to know about it?

More and more students and teachers are accessing web resources for their own learning and for presentations at school. Students are realizing more access to Web 2.0 tools that can allow them to create original work to share online, to integrate into collaborative or individual school projects, and for their own personal use. Social Media implies a participatory culture, which means that we can all be designers, publishers and consumers of media.

Creators of media need to know how to license their own work, and how they are legally permitted to use, modify or distribute the work of others. Although the world of copyright is quite complex, teachers must begin by becoming informed about licensing and ways to access materials legally and then share that information with students. This needs to be integrated into all aspects of information gathering and content creation from K – 12 and beyond.Here is a great blog post from Edublogs that describes the issues around copyright and online content. It’s a bit dated now, but if you like webinar archives you can check out this one I co-lead on OTF Connects. Scroll down to Creative Commons Feb. 7, 2012 to get the archived session.

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