Ontario Leadership Framework

Several years ago, at an OPC Conference, I heard George Couros make a suggestion that principals could use their blogs as a portfolio of their work as a school leader.  In a subsequent discussion that day with Donna Fry, we discussed how this could be relevant to our Ontario Leadership Framework. George’s situation is a little different than mine because he became a vice-principal in his first year of teaching, while my blog originated many years ago as a way to document my learning about my teaching and coaching. I had been wondering, however,  how my blog might naturally change its focus as I moved into my current role as a vice-principal and thought perhaps this might be worth a try.

What is the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF)?

You can check out the work of the The Ontario Institute for Education Leadership here.  It was conceived to gather research about transitions from the role of vice-principal to principal.

“The Ontario Leadership Framework has been tailored to the roles and responsibilities of both school and system leaders. It describes the school-level practices that research has shown to have a positive impact on student achievement and the actions associated with each”.

I love the idea of being action-oriented with look-fors in our leadership practice.  Although I’ve just begun to develop these pages I’ve seen some areas toward which I naturally gravitate, and other areas where reviewing the action items cause me to realize that I have work to do; definitely some short term and long term goals are waiting to be set!  As I begin to chronicle my leadership journey and articulate my learning, my plan is to add links to posts where they seem to fit within the OLF.

The OLF contains five categories, listed in no particular order:

Setting Directions

Building Relationships and Developing People

Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices

Improving the Instructional Program

Securing Accountability

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