Building Relationships and Developing People

Providing support and demonstrating consideration for different staff members

Stimulating growth in the professional capacities of staff

  • encourage staff to reflect on what they are trying to achieve with students and
    how they are doing it

  • lead discussions about the relative merits of current and alternative practices
  • challenge staff to continually re-examine the extent to which their practices support the learning of all their students
  • facilitate opportunities for staff to learn from each other
  • suggest new ideas for staff learning
    encourage staff to develop and review their own goals for professional growth and the relationship of those goals to school goals and priorities
  • encourage staff to try new practices that are consistent with both their interests and school goals

Modelling the school’s values and practices

  • are highly visible in their schools
  • are easily accessible to staff, parents and students
  • have frequent, meaningful interactions with teachers, students and parents in
    order to further the school goals
  • demonstrate the importance of continuous learning through visible engagement in their own professional learning
  • exemplify, through their actions, the school’s core values and its desired practice

Building trusting relationships with and among staff, students and parents

  • model responsibility, integrity and thoroughness in carrying out tasks
  • act in ways that consistently reflect the school’s core values and priorities in order to establish trust
  • demonstrate respect for staff, students and parents by listening to their ideas, being open to those ideas, and genuinely considering their value
  • encourage staff, students and parents to listen to one another’s ideas and genuinely consider their value
  • establish norms in the school that demonstrate appreciation for constructive debate about best practices
  • demonstrate respect, care and personal regard for students, staff and parents
  • encourage staff, students and parents to demonstrate respect, care and personal regard for one another

Establishing productive working relationships with teacher federation representatives

  • include federation representatives in processes for establishing goals for school improvement
  • encourage federation representatives to keep their members well informed about their work with school leaders
  • encourage federation representatives to collaborate din determining how to implement labour contract provisions in ways that support school improvement work

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