Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices

Building collaborative cultures and distributing leadership

  • model collaboration in their own world
  • foster mutual respect and trust among those involved in collaboration
  • encourage the collaborative development of group processes and outcomes
  • help develop clarity about goals and roles related to collaborative work
  • encourage a willingness to compromise among collaborators
  • foster open and fluent communication toward building and sustaining professional learning communities
  • provide adequate and consistently available resources to support collaborative work
  • involved staff in the design and implementation of important school decisions and policies
  • provide staff with leadership opportunities and support them as they take on these opportunities

Structuring the organization to facilitate collaboration

  • create timetables for teaching that maximize time on task for students
  • provide regular opportunities and structures that support teachers in working together on instructional improvement and establish a system for monitoring their collaborative work
  • establish a structure of teams and groups that work together on problem solving
  • distribute leadership on selected tasks
  • engage teachers in making decisions that affect their instructional work

Building productive relationships with families and the community

  • create a school environment in which parents are welcomed, respected and valued as partners in their children’s learning
  • demonstrate the type of leadership that parents can trust – confident, systematic and attentive
  • help develop staff commitment to engaging parents in the school
  • work, with staff, directly with families of diverse backgrounds to help them provide their children with support in the home that will contribute to their success at school
  • encourage staff to reach out to students with diverse viewpoints and experiences to enrich the classroom experience and help all students feel included
  • encourage staff to adopt a broad view of parental engagement and encourage more parents to be involved
  • help connect families to the wider network of social services as needed

Connecting the school to the wider environment

  • develop and maintain connections with other expert school and district leaders, policy experts, outreach groups, organizations and members of the educational research co

Maintaining a safe and healthy environment

  • take measures to secure the school’s physical facilities against intruders
  • ensure that the physical facility is maintained in a safe, healthy and attractive condition
  • communicate standards for non-violent behaviour and uphold those standards in an equitable manner
  • empower staff in the school to play a leadership role in promoting a positive school climate and modelling appropriate behaviour
  • implement and monitor the use of appropriate disciplinary practices in classrooms and throughout the school
  • develop, with the input of staff and students, processes to identify and resolve conflicts quickly and effectively
  • provide opportunities for staff and students

Allocating resources in support of the school’s visions and goals

  • manage efficient budgetary processes
  • distribute resources in ways that are closely aligned with the school’s improvement priorities
  • ensure that sustained funding is directed to the school’s improvement priorities
  • secure resources as needed to support the instructional work of the school
  • revisit and adjust as needed the nature, amount and alignment of resources as priorities for school improvement change
  • ensure effective oversight and accountability of resources to support priorities

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