Setting Directions

Building A Shared Vision

  • establish, in collaboration with staff, students, and other stakeholders, an overall sense of purpose or vision for work in their schools to which they are all strongly committed
  • build understanding of the specific implications of the school’s vision for its programs and the nature of classroom instruction
  • encourage the development of organizational norms that support openness to change in the direction of the school’s vision
  • help staff and diverse stakeholders understand the relationship between the school’s vision and board and provincial policy initiatives and priorities

Identifying specific, shared short-term goals

  • facilitate stakeholder engagement in processes for identifying specific school goals
  • build consensus among students, staff, and diverse stakeholders about the school’s goals
  • ensure the goals are clearly communicated to all stakeholders
  • regularly encourage staff to evaluate their progress toward achieving the school’s goals
  • encourage staff to develop and periodically review individual goals for professional growth, as well as the relationship between their individual goals and the school’s goals
  • refer frequently to the school’s goals when engaged in decision making about school programs and directions

Creating high expectations

  • have high expectations for teachers, students and themselves
  • devote additional effort to creating high expectations amond staff for the achievement of studnets who have traditionally struggled to be successful at school
  • encourage staff to be innovative in helping students meet those expectations
  • encourage staff to assume responsibility for achieving the school’s vision and goals for all students
  • make their expectations known through words and actions

Communicating the vision and goals

  • use many different formal and informal opportunities to explain to stakeholders the overall vision and goals established for the school
  • demonstrate to all stakeholders the use of the school’s vision and goals in day-to-day actions and decision making
  • regularly invite different stakeholder groups to discuss how their work furthers the school’s vision and goals

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