Learning Environments

Thinking about learning requires that we define the big ideas that impact learning in general, and our students more specifically.  Some school environments support what we know about learning and some do not, and technology may be a catalyst to transform environments, or it may not.

The excitement of the variety and prevalence of technology today is that it does have the potential to transform:

  • the kinds of environments in which students learn
  • the kind of control students have over their role in authentic learning
  • the kinds of  passions or interest based approaches that can be explored – a subscribed curriculum is becoming limiting and teacher-focused rather than comprehensive and student-focused

The global classroom is here!

Watch this video from Edutopia that explains the integration of some of the big ideas about learning: http://www.edutopia.org/project-based-learning-overview

I’ve been exploring some big ideas in creating effective learning environments.  The focus is student-centred rather than teaching or curriculum-centred and they include:

1.  Constructivism

2.  Constructionism

3.  Project-Based Learning

4.  Reggio Emilia