Learning Environments

Thinking about learning requires that we define the big ideas that impact learning in general, and our students more specifically.  Some school environments support what we know about learning and some do not, and technology may be a catalyst to transform environments, or it may not! You’ll find that my presentations, workshops and keynotes involve a look first at ourselves as educators—is learning at the forefront of what we do? Do our practices align with our beliefs about learning?

The excitement around the affordances and ubiquity of technology today is that it does have the potential to transform more than ever:

  • the kinds of environments in which students learn
  • the kind of control students have over their role in authentic learning
  • the kinds of passion- or interest-based approaches that can be explored as subscribed curriculum is shifting from being limiting and teacher-focused to more comprehensive and student-focused

Many jurisdictions are understanding the research and evidence in favour of inquiry based, project-based, or competency based curriculum that is so compelling:

I’ve been exploring the following big ideas in creating effective learning environments for about 25 years now. The focus is student-centred and the following links will hopefully provide you more information to support learning more: