My New Kindle

I’ve had my Kindle over a couple of months now, and I think I’ve come to some conclusions about what I’m liking and what I’m not.

Overall, I’m liking it more than not.  I love the screen, the readability, the weight, the ease of learning to navigate around and the battery life is amazing!   The keyboard leaves a lot to be desired, but quite frankly, so do most teeny weeny keyboards in my opinion.   As one of those people who can never decide what to read, or which books to take with them, I love that I can carry around so many, and so lightly.

Ordering books is almost too easy.  Good for convenience, harder on the budget!

I bought the Kindle rather than the ipad because of the much lower cost of $139 (I’m paying mega-bucks in tuition for the boys these days) and the fact that I really needed to get off of my computer screen for a while.   I find the computer far too distracting to even get my essential reading done, never mind the reading I’d like to be doing for pleasure!  After reading Nicholas Carr‘s The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains, I was comforted to know that it wasn’t just me, and that my distractability was just likely to be my brain’s way of adapting to the hyperlinked environment of the web, not a form of ADD.

PDFs are not looking great to  read on the kindle.  The navigation around is just too clumsy so I’ll be using my computer for those.

I still love my paper books, and all that I can do with them, especially for professional and academic reading.   I like to write in margins, use those wonderfully coloured flags to document pages and important things, and highlight with a variety of tools.  I love to have several books flipped over and lying open while I’m writing, something that doesn’t seem to work on the Kindle.

For fiction though, I’m sold.  I can even keep reading in the car with the audio feature while I’m driving around to the different schools at which I work.   And if you have great twitter friends like @doctorow and @mtechman you can sometimes find out about free Kindle downloads!