Day 1 at ISTE12


On Thursday my ISTE12 connections started at Pearson International Airport before the trip to the conference even started. On the same flight were @peterskillen @rgrignon and @janesmith! We got caught up and were enthusiastically talking about teacher stuff, when we discovered we were sitting with Sarah Dwyer and 2 of her colleagues from Bishop Strachan School in Toronto. Those folks were not heading to ISTE12 but were instead going to visit High Tech High in California! I was so envious! Lucky them! Check out some videos about High Tech High on my pbl page if you are interested.

These teachers from BSS are involved with Science Education and global collaboration with teachers who are implementing pbl so I suggested that Sarah connect with @neilstephenson and the folks from Calgary Science School. I’ll follow up with her and share those connections via email later on.

On the street after dinner, I bumped into @angelamaiers and @teachakid as we were watching a little dog drive a toy car (you had to be there!) It’s amazing how twitter keeps us connected to people all year long and we can meet up once a year and reconnect. That’s what this conference is about – there will be incredible learning, but the connections that I make will only be the tip of the iceberg – the learning and connections will last well beyond this conference!